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caring for your cut flowers

Purple Cuts

Caring for your cut flowers is crucial if you want to extend their vase life. Here are 4 simple rules to follow:

1. Sterilize Your Vase


Without ensuring that your vessel is sterile, you can guarantee problems. Always thoroughly wash your vase before use. This will help mitigate bacteria that breed in the water, which make it smelly and murky. When water isn't clean, bacteria travels up the stems of the flowers, clogging water uptake, which causes your flowers to wilt and decay earlier than they should. 

2. Change the Water Everyday


It is important that the water in your vase is changed everyday. This ensures that the flowers have a clean supply of water to hydrate them and you can avoid the problems outlined in item 1.

3. Make Fresh Stem Cuts

Cut the base of each stem at an angle every couple of days to get rid of soggy ends, providing a crisp cut so that water can be taken up easily. Sterilize your clippers to make sure bacteria isn't spread.

4. Placement

Make sure to place your flowers in as cool an environment as possible, away from direct sun, heat and wind. It is also important not to place them next to that overripe cantaloupe on the counter. Many fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas that will cause your flowers to wilt.  

Following these few steps will help extend the vase life of your flowers so you can relish their beauty longer. 

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