Flower bouquet: Flowers will be an arrangement of seasonal flowers, foliage and foraged items that are colourful, textural, and some even deliciously fragrant! Expect to see fragrant sweet peas, dazzling dahlias, cosmos, amaranth and unique qrasses.

Community Supported Agriculture


 A CSA is a system in which members of the community support their local grower by purchasing a share before the growing season has begun. This purchase allows farmers the income they need at the beginning of the season for all of their upfront costs such as seeds, potting mix, and vendor fees. In return csa members receive crisp farm fresh veggies and lush flowers  weekly throughout the summer. This relationship is key to helping many small farms thrive.

The CSA here at Moss + Mirth Farm is for a weekly seasonal bouquet running for the months of August to the middle of September.


How it works:

Members will pay for the season in advance. E-transfer or cheque will be accepted. You are also welcome to gift a share to a friend. 

Members pick up their shares at the farm in Armstrong. Thursdays are pick up day as Aubrey is busy prepping for Saturday's market on Friday. A Thursday csa ensures that you will still have fresh flowers for your weekend fun!

Each week's share is comprised of  flowers that are in season at the farm. No special requests can be made in terms of colour or flower variety.

I hope you'll join me this season and share in the bounty of small scale organic farming!

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