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Apple of Peru AKA Shoo-Fly Plant

Nicandra physalodes  


Full Sun

Cut flower foliage

Height: 3-4 feet

Days to maturity: 90-100


This is a mix of most likely the plain green variety as well as 'Splash of Cream'. We grew 'Splash of Cream' this year for the first time and noticed some plants without the variegation in the mix. Simply rogue out any plants that do not have the cream markings on the foliage and you will have all variegated or keep a mix going!


We love Nicandra for its sturdy foliage and beautiful pods. Wonderful as a fresh cut, we also use it dried as a very structural ingredient. The seed pods dry beautifully on the stems.


This plant often self-sows!


Packet: Minimum 50 seeds


Certified organic seed (in British Columbia).




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